Winter 2015 Quarterly Reports

Executive Board

James Anderson


What a tremendous quarter it has been serving as your president of the Associated Students of the University of Washington Bothell (ASUWB). Over the past quarter, I have focused on a series of large issues and projects for the betterment of the student body. ASUWB has worked with the Office of Administration and Planning to bring a new 143 surface spot parking lot to the UW Bothell community.  While working to alleviate the headaches of parking that plagued our students during fall quarter, space, and space usage policies have been at the top of my agenda. Continuing on fall quarter, I have spearheaded negotiations with the administration to lessen the policies students face when using space on campus. While these negotiations are ongoing, I am positive that there will new policies to ease hardships students have faced when tabling around campus. While ASUWB is at the forefront of policy discussions with the administration, I am personally vested in empowering students at large to instill a culture of shared governance at UW Bothell. I have been working with many members on my team to spearhead the creation of the Student Academic and Budgetary Council to empower students at large to be at the forefront of the table with the other students, faculty, staff and administration regarding the state of academic affairs and strategic direction of the university. ASUWB is still in the process of finalizing the logistics behind this council, but we are looking forward to convening it early on during spring quarter. While empowering students is at the forefront of my agenda, I am personally vested to help students work with the administration regarding diversity, and a need for additional resources to support diverse populations on campus. The need for space is critical at the university, and it is an issue that needs to be tackled proactively through collaboration between students and the administration. Over the course of spring quarter, I will be working with students at large to assist in the creation of a Student Diversity Council to create a menu of services that students at UW Bothell are in dire need of. While these on campus initiatives are of critical importance, I have continued to advocate for college affordability with the Washington State Legislature. With the session just peaking past its halfway mark, there is still much conversation that needs to happen with our state representatives to ensure that investment in higher education is at the forefront of our state’s budget for the coming biennium. Over the coming quarter, I look forward to reporting back to the students as all of our teams work continues to come to fruition.

Brittany Monares

Vice President

Hi Everyone! This past quarter I have been focusing a lot on student safety concerns on campus and in our surrounding community. A few of the committees that I have been sitting on regarding these issue are the Campus Safety Committee and the Health and Safety Committee. The Campus Safety Committee is a task force charged by Vice Chancellor Karaman to address safety concerns on our campus. Some of the topics that I focused on were having potential drills on campus in collaboration with the Campus Safety team, providing adequate resources for sexual harassment and sexual assault survivors, creating effective communication efforts, as well as focusing on how we can enhance the campus safety officer relationships with students. The Health and Safety Committee focuses on safety in the work environment for all students/staff/faculty.

Another Committee that I have actively been participating in is the Student Conduct Code Revision Committee that is made up of individuals from all University of Washington campuses (Bothell, Seattle, and Tacoma). This code hasn’t been revised in a very long time and a lot of the code is out of date with terminology and the like. A large part that I focused on with the code is defining sexual harassment and sexual assault as well as terms such as “consent” and “assault”. The edits that were made to the conduct code and sent to the Assistant Attorney General are a huge step in the right direction. The conduct code is going into the next phases of receiving feedback- if any of you would like to meet with me regarding the changes me, I would be more than happy to set up a meeting with you and discuss further!

An issue that has been brought up by several students this past quarter has been safety in campus parking areas and the request that extra lighting and cameras be added. This is a conversation that ASUWB has been having with Facilities, Commuter Services, as well as Vice Chancellor Karaman. We are continuing to advocate for your needs in this regard and appreciate any and all feedback!

If you would like to know more about what I have been working on, you can email me at I look forward to finishing this school year strong and continuing to represent student voice!

Brandon Johnson

Director of Student Advocacy

During winter quarter I focused a lot of my energy on establishing a connection between ASUWB and the student body. I tried to learn more about what the students felt were important and get them engaged with what was happening around the school. For winter quarter a lot of that mentality rolled over. I facilitated the first ever ASUWB Roundtable, which engaged student leaders on campus with the projects ASUWB was working on and had them contribute their ideas and thoughts. It was wildly successful. I worked to set up a survey regarding the food trucks last quarter and am pleased not only with the amount of responses that were received but also that the feedback affected this quarter’s food truck rotation. Winter quarter I also began working with students at large to address an issue regarding the lack of prayer space for the Muslim population. Finally, at the end of the quarter, ASUWB created a diversity council for students to participate in. That’s just some of what happened winter quarter and a lot of what you’ve just read will be carried on into Spring.

Justin Nygard

Director of Government Relations

Advocating in Olympia on behalf of all ASUWB, I have pushed for many bills to be passed this legislative session. Out of five ASUWB endorsed bills, four of them have just recently passed. Two bills regard evaluating and establishing statewide sexual violence policies that treats all students the same no matter their athletic or academic status. One bill concerned evaluating mental health resources and student awareness of these important on and off campus assistance. Another bill which passed concerns allowing class registration priority to be given to spouses and partners of active military members so that those receiving GI bill funding won’t be lost because they can’t get their required classes. The one bill that unfortunately did not pass regards reducing tuition however there are talks to continue to freeze tuition and potentially reduce tuition in the state operating budget. I attended roundtables with the Chair of Higher Education of each legislative chamber as well as with the governor. I am working with other institutions throughout the state by representing UW Bothell at the Washington Student Association to determine statewide legislative priorities for higher education.

When I am on campus, I am sitting on committees like the ASUWB Elections Committee where I have worked with students to make sure that an ethical and fun election takes place this year. I also sit on an Ad Hoc Budgeting and Planning Committee where I present input on where student’s priorities are for administrative decision making. However, I feel having two students sit on this committee is enough student input so I have worked with other ASUWB officers to create a committee that allowed for more student perspectives to be given to the deans of each school and the Vice Chancellors. This committee is called the Student Academic Budgetary Council (SABC).

Sara Grossie

Director of Public Relations

During Winter Quarter, in addition to my regular duties, I have really focused on setting up some ways to make ASUWB projects and initiatives carry over smoothly into next year’s team, rather than having the team start over. ASUWB has picked up a lot of momentum this year and we, as a team, have definitely identified some ways to keep that momentum going into next year. I created a transition binder template so that each team member can thoroughly explain their duties and processes to their successor. I have also worked with team members to solidify some ways to make ASUWB more visible and noticeable, such as turning Holly the Husky’s Birthday Week into a signature spring week-long event for students to give back to the community. We will have a photo booth where students can take pictures and selfies with Holly during the events which include a food drive and creating cards for the children at Seattle Children’s Hospital.

I am so looking forward to what ASUWB will accomplish in Spring Quarter!

David Edwards

Director of Business Operations

Winter 2014-2015 has been a productive quarter for ASUWB Student Government.  In particular, I have been working on strengthening the working relationship between current students and alumni.  I have served as the student representative on the Alumni Council while working on the Husky 5k planning committee to work directly with alumni on ways to better improve the UWB campus community. I have worked as the ASUWB representative on the Services and Activities Committee to help ensure that student dollars as allocated responsibility by following the SAF guidelines.  As I wrap up my third year with ASUWB, I look forward to a very memorable spring quarter.


Eunah Ko

First Year Senator

Throughout the winter quarter, I attended assigned committee weekly meetings such as Club Council meeting, RHA meeting, and Living Learning Task Force Group Meetings. Living Learning Task Force Group is fairly new committee and it will expand its work over the next spring quarter. I have also worked on a project regarding Discovery Core Class Survey Project. What I intended to do was to implement survey reflecting on First Year Student’s experience with Discovery Core Program. I have exchanged few emails and attended meeting with Leslie Ashbaugh who is Director of CUSP (Center for University Studies and Programs) and received answer for my question of “how does CUSP Office receive Student Feedback regarding Discovery Core Classes?” CUSP office is currently working on implementing the survey but unfortunately due to technical difficulty they were not able to work on it. After all, I have attended Spring Training at the Pak Forest, spent night together with our team. We have started on several different projects for future. In Spring Quarter I will continue to sit on and attend meetings of Club Council, RHA, and Living Learning Task Force Group. I will also work on Dawg Day on Finals week and Team Gathering event after ASUWB Election so current team will provide new team of ASUWB with sense of what their job will look like in next year and to answer any questions they have.

Horacio Rodriguez

First Year Senator

For my winter quarter I would like to report that I maintained my weekly office hours, attended all weekly ASUWB meetings from 8AM-10AM on Tuesdays, and attended all required weekly meetings with Vice President, Brittany Monares. I served on the Residential Housing Association (RHA) and the Washington Student Association (WSA) committees. I have also been more involved in trips to Olympia with the Director of Government Relations, Justin Nygard. When ASUWB members, students at large, and I go to Olympia the reason is to advocate on behalf of the students at UWB. We spoke on issues like tuition reduction and needing more space on our campus since it is growing very rapidly. I also volunteered to be on the WSA hiring committee for a new executive director and as of now it is expected to hire someone by next month in May. I started a project known as “transition gathering” and it is in the workings until next month as well. For my project it will require new ASUWB members who will be selected after elections and then old members will give tips and information needed to prep the new members for office. I also plan to manage Holly the husky for future events during spring quarter.

Justin Han

Sophomore Senator

Hello everyone, my name is Justin C. Han as of this current year I am a Sophomore, with the intended major of Media and Communications. I was originally born in Taipei, Taiwan, until I was two years old when my family immigrated to the United States of America. As before my focus is improving the student experiences on campus. Whether being through avenues of diversity, on the sports field, or bringing encouraging student activity on campus. It’s to my belief we are at the tipping point for our institution. At this point we are seeing change movements, and more booming activity than the many years before at this point, we should no longer be regarded as a commuter campus. Even so there is more works to be done, we are a progressive region that should never seize to better itself.

​Changes such as empowering our diversity, seeking to better represent everyone on campus. I have been working closely with my fellow peers both on the team and many other students throughout Bothell to begin a council serving as the advisory board to the campuses diversity concerns. Our student population deserves policy change that will allow amenities the university lacks. Such is why I have been working with students of our campus raising concerns regarding a child care center for student parents. Diversity can be represented in multiple ways and fashions such as the food we have on campus, hence why I held a survey waying student interests on the food trucks whether its suitable for them through time and etc.

Yaman Harut

Sophomore Senator

My name is Yaman Harut and I am one of the two Sophomore Senators for ASUWB. I’m originally from Ankara, Turkey, and I currently reside in Bothell, WA. I intend to pursue a degree in Business Management. My main interests include fashion (I am currently designing my first collection), and I’m also a big soccer fan, and you can see me participating in the Intramural program this Spring Quarter.

My main projects and accomplishments have been finalizing the overhaul of Holly the Husky’s outfit. Sadly, the project did not go through, but through working diligently, I have created a precedent that the teams of the following years may follow. I have played a role and provided my input on the pioneering of new organizations such as the Student Advisory and Budgetary Council, and the Student Diversity Council. Also, I have been working with Student Facility Advisory Committee to furnish the new building that is going up, the ARC. I’ve continued my involvement with committees such as the Residence Hall Association and the Provost Advisory Committee – along with James Anderson – to represent UW Bothell on this tri-campus committee at UW Seattle.

For spring quarter, I plan keep on representing the Sophomore class and the general student body in any way I can, to continue my work as a member on the PAC, organize and participate in the ARC Open Forum, and make sure that when my time as a Sophomore Senator comes to an end, I pass on the proverbial torch in the right way.

Josh Custer

Senior Senator

My name is Josh Custer and I am currently one of your Senior Senators, and studying Electrical Engineering here at the University of Washington Bothell. I am Vice Chair of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) branch on campus, and a Co-founder and Communications Officer for the Engineering and Technology Association (ETA) club on campus. I am originally from Kelso, a smaller town in Southwest Washington, where I was born and raised. My interests lay with anything outdoors, technology or entertainment related. Easy to talk to and willing to help!

Winter quarter was my first full quarter working with the ASUWB team, where I spent a majority of time getting comfortable with the operations and tasks set forth by and for ASUWB. I actively met with fellow ASUWB teammates to collaborate on projects and initiatives, as well as started a project regarding Student Rights. Also, I became increasingly involved with the Student Technology Fee (STF) committee on making decisions on the 1st cycle of budget proposals.

I am very excited for spring quarter, as I will continue working with the STF Committee as well as the Student Rights Project and initiating conversation on campus building hours. The Student Rights project involves gathering information on all of the resources available and creating a method of representation based of severity of issues between students and faculty. This will make it easy and empower students to voice their concerns with faculty, if such concerns arise. I plan on discussing current building hours as well due to some students voicing the need for extended hours on campus. Last, I will continue to help colleagues with their projects as well as help mentor incoming ASUWB officers as they prepare to take over the reins for next year.

Daniel Schmidt

Senior Senator

Winter Quarter was my fifth quarter as a Senior Senator in ASUWB. Throughout winter quarter I attended all ASUWB student government meetings on Tuesday from 8-10am. Also during winter quarter I still was one of the two ASUWB representatives on the student technology fee committee (STF) which met on the first and third Friday of each month from 9-11am. During this quarter STF reviewed applications, had hearings, and voted on their first cycle STF technology proposals. The STF committee approved computers, laptops, two way radios, and much more. I also worked on the constitution revision because the document was ten years out of date. In addition I attended the first Technology Advisory Committee (TAC) meeting of the 2014-2015 school. Another thing I did was lobby in Olympia on January 19, 2015 for education. Thank you students for allowing me this wonderful opportunity.


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