Autumn 2014 Quarterly Reports

Executive Board

James Anderson


I have had the upmost privilege to serve as the 2014-2015 President of the Associated Students of the University of Washington Bothell (ASUWB). I am currently a senior in the School of Business and I am pursuing a degree in Business Management. My interests since a young age have resided in the hospitality field, so I have taken my experience and tailored it to serve in the capacity of ASUWB President. Over the past quarter, I have taken part in a variety of projects and initiatives that are nestled in the heart of our student body. Beginning in July, I hit the ground running by working with the Office of Housing and Food Services to solidify the 2014-2015 Food Truck Program. By working together with the team and a series of other stakeholders, we have been able to deliver more consistent, higher quality food options. Another project that I have been working on is to establish a Farmer’s Market on the UW Bothell/Cascadia College Campus. This initiative is focused on fostering a greater sense of community between the two institions, while also adding more food options. Beyond food options, I have listened and acted upon student concerns. The first of which is on-campus parking. By working with the administration, ASUWB was able to hold their first open public forum of the year to gather valuable student feedback. Now, ASUWB is working diligently to plan another forum that will focus on Emergency Preparedness to address additional student concerns about safety on campus. ASUWB has also worked hard to prepare policies for the new Activities and Recreation Center (ARC) that will be open in the fall of 2015. Beyond these initiatives, I have worked to support a team of 14 student representatives with a series of tasks ranging from the ASUWB Legislative Agenda to incorporating more UW Bothell Student voices into policy decisions that affect all 3 UW campuses. My main goal for winter quarter is to use all of the information gathered throughout the last quarter to hold a series of events form the ASUWB Roundtable to an ASUWB Town Hall Session. I am also looking forward to lobbying in Olympia on behalf of our student body to work towards an extension of the current freeze on undergraduate, in-state tuition. By working with our team, I am also exploring the idea of setting up Student Advisory Committee’s to work with the Deans of each school to empower students to be involved in important policy and budgetary discussions. Over the coming quarter, I look forward to reporting back to the students as all of our teams work continues to come to fruition.

Brittany Monares

Vice President

I am a senior majoring in Community Psychology as well as Media and Communications; I will be graduating this upcoming spring quarter.

This past quarter I have been helping transition team members into their roles and have assisted team members with a variety of projects that they have been working on as well as have worked on my own projects. A few things that I have been focusing on this quarter have been addressing parking issues with administration, collaborating with faculty/staff/administration to strengthen our campus safety efforts, assisting students with possible resources when confronted with faculty issues, strengthening student ties to downtown Bothell, as well as addressing sexual assault and sexual harassment prevention on our campus as a whole.

We have had a very productive quarter as a team and are continuing to gather momentum rolling into Winter Quarter in an effort meet and listen to our constituents’ needs. As this next quarter approaches I plan to launch a campaign to end sexual assault and sexual harassment that engages all stakeholders within our campus community. I also plan to make myself readily available to students and address any new issues that may arise while we get back to our studies.

I am grateful for this opportunity to represent all of you and eager to continue having your voice heard throughout our campus community. Don’t hesitate to contact me with any problems that you’re having on campus- I would be happy to help in any way I could!

Brandon Johnson

Director of Student Advocacy

This is my third year here at UW Bothell and I enjoy every moment of it. I’m currently pursuing a degree in Media & Communications, but my interests cover a lot of ground. I enjoy everything from sports (Soccer & Seahawks) to music (I play drums).

So my main focus for this quarter has been opening up communication lines between ASUWB and the student body. One example I like to highlight is the amount of emails we got regarding parking on campus. With all of the feedback we received there was an opportunity to capitalize on the students’ willingness to come to us with their concerns. I distributed what are called “DAWG BOXES” (essentially comment boxes) around the campus to make things easier for students to reach us. Additionally, I have been outside discussing campus issues with students by the food trucks.

For next quarter, I am planning to develop plans of solutions for the issues I’ve heard from students while outside by the food trucks. One of these is how some students feel that there is a lack of community feeling on our campus. For next quarter I am going to be talking to other student groups on campus about how we best address this feeling as well as working within the ASUWB on potential programs we can set up for students to make them feel more a part of the community here. There’s a lot to look forward to next quarter.

Justin Nygard

Director of Government Relations

I am a fifth year UWB Global Studies scholar who, in the past month was appointed as the ASUWB Director of Government Relations. In that time, I have created the ASUWB Legislative Agenda and formed the 2015 Director of Government Relations Communications Plan which details this position’s work for the next two quarters. In addition, I have attended Washington Student Association (WSA) meetings as well as represented UWB Graduate Students in Seattle where I served on a committee to develop criteria for establishing Graduate fee-based programs. An important duty of mine is student outreach. I am proud to state that my ASUWB team and I effectively connected with over 250 students in our “Raise Tuition” Campaign where we posted a sign saying we should raise tuition to get students’ attention to sign up to go to Olympia winter quarter otherwise they would be sending the message that they don’t care about tuition if they didn’t go and say otherwise.

Next quarter I will be taking students with me to Olympia to talk to their legislators. Advocating for another tuition freeze is one of my main priorities for the upcoming legislative session as well as other areas outlined in the 2014-2015 ASUWB Legislative Agenda. My goal is to testify in four committees to voice the interest of UWB students. These committees are House Higher Education, House Appropriations, Senate Higher Education, and Senate Ways & Means committees. I understand Olympia is far from our campus which can make student involvement in this manner quite difficult. Therefore, I will have conference calls with students and legislators here at campus to allow students to connect with their senators and representatives. I look forward to having the most student involvement with legislative affairs this next quarter and will strive to keep tuition as affordable as possible in the future.

Sara Grossie

Director of Public Relations

This is my second year in Student Government and I am loving my new position. Last year, I served as Director of Government Relations but felt PR suits my interests better. This year, I have focused most on increasing our social media presence as well as communications from ASUWB to the student body in general. During Fall Quarter, I spent a lot of my time addressing concerns about the parking situation. I am now a part of the Commuter Services Task Force and value my membership to this committee as it is an opportunity for me to represent student voice and make sure student needs are taken into account as decisions are made.

During the Fall Quarter, I also managed the Student of the Month Program and our mascot, Holly the Husky. Both programs have been very rewarding to be involved with as they bring forth so much school spirit and represent the excitement we can experience as students.

David Edwards

Director of Business Operations

This will be my third and final year serving as an elected representative for Associate Students of the University of Washington Bothell.  Each year has provided me with unique experiences that have helped me better appreciate this university that many of us have grown to love.  The part of this journey that I have valued the most has been getting to meet the amazing people who are apart of our campus community.  I learned each and every single person here has a unique story and a unique background that adds to the educational environment of UW Bothell. I feel truly lucky that I am able to call some of these people my peers, colleagues, mentors, and even friends. Even after three years I have still been able to find new interests as a member of ASUWB.

ASUWB has allowed me to serve as the student representative on the University of Washington Bothell Alumni Council.  Meeting the esteemed members of our Alumni Council has inspired my new passion of alumni engagement.  It has been my goal over the past quarter to foster a stronger relationship between current students and past alumni.  I have taken steps to accomplish this goal by participating in numerous alumni and community outreach events in partnership with the Alumni Council.   I believe that  we have not yet seen the full potential in terms of the value that alumni can provide to our campus community.

This fall quarter, I have also had the chance of being apart of many university committees that included the Chancellors Cabinet and Services and Activities Fee Committee.  Feel free to contact me at


Eunah Ko

First Year Senator

I am currently Pre-Major student and this is my first year at UWB. I moved to Seattle from Korea when I was in the 6th grade and went through very difficult time learning English. My parents moved to a lot of different countries so I had a chance to visit few different countries in Asia such as China and Mongolia. I was just elected as senator in November. These past few weeks I attended our ASUWB weekly meetings and did trainings with our President James and Vice-President Brittany regarding the expectations as a Senator, studied ASUWB constitution, and Bylaws. I also have attended weekly Club Council meeting once, GPSS meeting at UW Seattle with Director of Government Relations Justin and helped Director of Student Advocacy Brandon with tabling for filling up sign-up sheet for Olympia. Next Quarter, I will be a voting member for Club Council and I will reach out to First year students to find out what will not only benefit the freshman class, but all students as a whole at the UWB.

Horacio Rodriguez

First Year Senator

I come from a small town in Washington. Selah is where I grew up, but I was born in Yakima. I hope to one day become a successful lawyer and graduate from UW. Right now I am currently a Pre-Major student and I hope to receive a business degree in the future. I have only been in office for a short time which I focused on learning how ASUWB operates. In this time, I have spent time training with ASUWB President James Anderson and Vice-President Brittany Monares. A good work environment results in good outcomes so I reached out to some of my colleagues and helped them with their projects or things they need to have done such as outreach with the ASUWB Director of Government Relations and Director of Student Advocacy to connect with students to hear their legislative needs. Recently, I have been appointed to the Campus Art Committee where I can find ways to use my interests in art to help benefit the students here at UWB. Next quarter I will continue to reach out to all students around campus, discuss what they want, and to the best of my abilities make it come true.

Justin Han

Sophomore Senator

I am a UWB student with the intended major of Media and Communications. I was originally born in Taipei, Taiwan, however moved to the United States of America at a very young age. Currently my focus is improving the student experiences on campus. Whether being through avenues of diversity, on the sports field, or bringing encouraging student activity on campus. As of this day and age, I believe we are at the tipping point where our institution should no longer be regarded as a commuter campus. Although to change that factor it is to my belief we require students to be more actively involved.

To increase involvement we must be more clear with our avenues of communication, and opportunities. Hence why I am working closely several groups on campus such as Health Educators Reaching Out to bring a Market onto campus. The goal is of this market is to build a closer bond within our community as well as boosting the economy of our city. It is within my vision to have this event be brought to a large scale of cooperation of many student organization on campus. To do this my hopes is to establish a Student Diversity Council which will have a larger sum of money to make such goals happen. This calls for me to work with the Social Justice Organizers, reviewing various models of running this group successfully and efficiently. Effective as of Winter quarter, I have also heard of many soccer players complaining about the spikes up top of the fencing surrounding our sports field. I wish to change that, by creating a survey in regards of statistical information of the accumulated losses. That way the administration shall see what may be a feasible alternative that may satisfy both parties.

Yaman Harut

Sophomore Senator

I’m originally from Ankara, Turkey, and I currently reside in Bothell, WA. I intend to pursue a degree in Business Management, with a minor in Marketing. My main interests include fashion (I am currently designing my first collection), and I’m also a big soccer fan, and you can see me on the sports field very often.

My main projects / accomplishments have been the overhaul of Holly the Husky’s outfit. I’m of the opinion that Holly needs an outfit that does her presence on campus justice. In addition, I have been in close contact with the soccer players on campus, concerning a big grievance of their part. The problem is that the spikes on top of the fences, originally designed to keep crows away, have cause a lot of soccer balls to pop and be rendered unusable, at the players’ expense. To fix this, I’ve been in touch with both the soccer community on campus and Recreation and Wellness to find a solution to this problem. Also, I’ve been involved on committees such as the Club Council, and the Provost Advisory Committee – along with James Anderson – to represent UW Bothell on this tri-campus committee at UW Seattle.

For winter quarter, I plan to continue my work as a member on the PAC, finalize Holly the Husky’s outfit, and to resolve the problem concerning the spikes on the Sports Field. I am going to continue working diligently to ensure the student voice is heard, and is well represented.

Alicia Lookabill

Junior Senator

I am majoring in Media and Communication Studies. I am from a small town called Burbank, Washington and this is my second year here in Bothell. This quarter I have found an interest in two specific topic areas of campus safety and health. I am a part of the Emergency Preparedness Committee, Safe Campus Committee, and Residential Hall Association all on behalf of ASUWB. I have spent a lot of time on hiring committees for the Emergency Preparedness Manager and ASUWB positions. I have also attended numerous events on behalf of ASUWB to reach out to students. One of these events includes the parking open forum in which I made a large sandwich board for. This board brought in several people who otherwise would not have known about the event and we would not have received as much feedback. This quarter, I began working with the Residential Hall Association (RHA) to figure out how ASUWB and RHA can help one another to meet student needs in housing. A project I have started is trying to bring a nurse to campus and I plan to continue this project in more depth next quarter. My goals for next quarter include working with the campus safety committees to create an imitative to better reach out to students and inform them of safety procedures, continuing my research to bring a nurse to campus, and reaching out to juniors specifically to see how I can help meet their needs.

Naaz Sandhu

Junior Senator

I am majoring in Management Information Systems and a minor in Information Technolgy. I was born in New Jersey and have been moving around ever since, until freshman year of high school where I stayed and continued my higher education. Due to the excessive traveling I have visited every state accept for 1 which is Hawaii. My family resides in Southern California and I will soon be joining them after graduation. I have one dog Daku who is the love of my life. I enjoy being outdoors and will find every reason to be outside running no matter the conditions. This year I have spent assisting the process of creating a President’s round Table. Attending numerous of meetings ranging from Diversity Counsel, Washington Student’s Association. I have openly attended forums and participated in tabling for causes regarding registration, visits the capitol and surveys regarding everyday concerns, questions, comments and suggestions from our students. I have worked with my colleagues to insure we have healthier food trucks this following quarter. I am currently working on getting a certified nurse and will continue this objective during Winter Quarter. I will have my office hours this quarter on Tuesdays 10 AM – 11 AM.

Josh Custer

Senior Senator

I am currently studying Electrical Engineering here at the University of Washington Bothell. I am Vice Chair of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) branch on campus, and a Co-founder and Communications Officer for the Engineering and Technology Association (ETA) club on campus. I am originally from Kelso, a smaller town in Southwest Washington, where I was born and raised. My interests lay with anything outdoors, technology or entertainment related. Easy to talk to and willing to help!

Starting in mid-November, I entered office with ASUWB, where I have been spending time molding with the team and catching up to speed with the accomplishments and goals set forth for the 2014-2015 Academic year. I have attended the ASUWB weekly meetings, trainings, and embraced the day to day operations.

I am very excited for winter quarter, as I will be increasingly involved on campus for example, with the Student Technology Fee (STF) Committee. I plan on reaching out to the senior students and the current students to see what we can do to improve the UW Bothell experience and what I can to make a difference. Last, I plan on researching into adding a resource on campus where student representatives can be available for fellow students to utilize when having a conflict in class that they may not be comfortable discussing directly with a professor or dean.

Daniel Schmidt

Senior Senator

This is my 4th quarter in student government as an ASUWB Senior Senator. I am still one of the ASUWB representatives for the Student Technology Fee Committee (STF). During this quarter I recruited members to be part of the committee for this school year. I attended the STF meetings we had this quarter. In addition as a member of ASUWB I attended the weekly Student Government meetings that are held on Tuesday from 8-10am in the rose room. Also I held a weekly office hour during autumn quarter on Thursday from 11-12pm. Another thing I did for ASUWB was table. At the tablings I did I informed people what ASUWB was doing and told people about ways to get involved with ASUWB. Something else I did this quarter was learn how to fill out budget request. After I learned how to do budget request I filled out the budget request for the SAEF award winners so they can go on to their conferences. Also I did budget request for office supplies and promotional items. Toward the end of the quarter I have been working on bylaw changes to improve the structure of ASUWB which is something we will be voting on next quarter. I am looking at add a new director called the Director of Academic Affairs. Also I have been looking at ways to improve the senate structure. Thank you for your time and have a wonderful day.


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